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  • Focused on the needs, lifestyles & dreams of clients.
  • Experienced professional real estate broker specializing in local niche markets.
  • Has unparalleled knowledge of current market trends, expert advice, and trusted judgment
  • Designs custom marketing materials for the property including brochures, professional virtual tours and photos.
Real Estate Expert License # 471019399Maria Marconi-Fricano

Real Estate Expert License # 471019399Maria Marconi-Fricano

  • Maria Marconi-Fricano Designated Managing Broker has proven her commitment to delivering exceptional service and outstanding results throughout the span of her real estate career of more than 27 years. She understands how to expertly guide her clients through each step of the home buying and selling experience; and, more importantly, she keeps their needs, lifestyle, and dreams as her number one priority. In every transaction, Maria’s dedication, integrity, and market expertise shine through.

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